Venetian Carnival Tarot (BOOK Paperback)


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This is a paperback copy of a companion book for New Babylonian Tarot. The physical book will be mailed to you. (BOOK ONLY, NO CARDS INCLUDED)

Size A5, color book cover, black&white inside.

ISBN 978-0-9946085-6-7

Author: Victor Paul, PhD

Illustrations: Roxana Paul

120 pages


Part I Carl Jung and Alchemy of Tarot

Chapter 1 Elements and Archetypes in the World of Synchronicity
Chapter 2 Hiding Behind a Mask: the Persona Archetype
Chapter 3 Living with the Shadow
Chapter 4 The Masks and the Path of Individuation

Part II Major Arcana

Part III Minor Arcana

The suit of Wands
The suit of Pentacles
The suit of Swords
The suit of Cups

Part IV. The Biblical Roots of Tarot

Chapter 5 Two Trees in the Garden of Eden
Chapter 6 The Tarot Code



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