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The Tarot of Theta Dreams was inspired by subconscious mind exploration, dream interpretation, and intuition. Theta waves are a type of brain wave associated with sleep, relaxation, and subconscious mind activity. They are believed to be involved in the formation of memories and emotions, and play a role in lucid dreaming and intuition.

The vivid imagery in this Tarot deck is derived from the artist’s dreams and offers new deeper insights and guidance on personal growth and introspection. This allows for a more holistic and insightful reading.


  • 78 illustrated tarot cards (4.75” x 2.75” standard tarot size), cardstock 350gsm, gloss finish
  • purple metalic gilding on the cards
  • magnetic box (matte finish)
  • the LWB, A4 formated pages for easy printing and assembling (the special card with the download link will be inside the box)

The production schedule:

  1. January-February 2024: Completeing the remaining cards, preparing the deck for printing; sourcing and negotiating the printer.
  2. March 2024: Printing.
  3. April-May 2024: Shipping the stock from the printer to Australia.
  4. May-June 2024: shipping the pre-orders to the customers.

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