The Tarot Collector’s Investment Guide: Collecting for Fun and Profit (PDF file)


This guide gives you knowledge of the cards collection economy, and develops your skills of collection management to build a valuable collection according to your preferences and budget. Tap into the guide to start growing your social and financial capital!


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by Victor Paul

ISBN: 978-0-6484953-0-7

About this ebook:

Have you ever searched through bookcases stuffed with hundreds of decks, thinking about how to fix up your collection? You’ve come to the right place: this book shows how easily you can make an inventory list of your collection.

Do you think that your card collection is valuable, but you’re not sure how much it costs? Throughout this book, you’ll discover real cards’ values.

Have you ever thought about sharing your knowledge of collecting with peers? This book teaches how to collaborate within the online collectors’ community to grow social and financial capital.

“The Tarot Collector’s Investment Guide” is the result of the comprehensive study at the intersection of Tarot collecting and investment management. As an economist and investment adviser, an author investigated how collectors can turn their hobby into a profitable business? As a Tarot lover and collector, the author has studied how the quality of artwork in cards creates a masterpiece to attract knowledgeable collectors. In this way, the book bridges fun and profit in card collecting.



Part I The Basics of Cards Collecting

Chapter 1 The Tarot and Other Card Classifications

Chapter 2 What Kind of a Collector Are You?

Chapter 3 Seven Basic Strategies for Card Collectors

Chapter 4 Card Collecting in the Millennial Age

Part II The Pillars of Cards Collecting for Profit

Chapter 5 The Contemporary Collectable Cards Market

Chapter 6 Card Collecting as an Investment

Chapter 7 Artists in the Collectable Cards Market

Chapter 8 Market Problems and Their Solutions

Part III The Economy of the Card Collecting World

Chapter 9 The Foundation of the Card Collecting Economy

Chapter 10 A Working Business Model for Artists

Chapter 11 The Economy of Self-publishing

Chapter 12 Tarot Copyright Essentials

Part IV The Technology Impact on the Collectable Cards Market

Chapter 13 Technology for Collectors, Artists, and Self-publishers

Chapter 14 Curating Digitally Your Cards Collection

Chapter 15 Valuing and Pricing Tarot and Other Cards

Chapter 16 A knowledge-sharing Card Collectors Circle




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