Divination Manual: The Sacred Mysteries of Babylon (BOOK Paperback)


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This is a paperback copy of a companion book for New Babylonian Tarot. The physical book will be mailed to you. (BOOK ONLY, NO CARDS INCLUDED)

Size A5, color book cover, black&white inside.

ISBN 978-0-9946085-9-8

Author: Victor Paul, PhD

Illustrations: Roxana Paul

120 pages




Part I The Roots of Magic in Babylon

Chapter 1 The Cradle of Divination
Chapter 2 Science and Art of Babylonian Divination
Chapter 3 Magical Rituals of Changing Destiny
Chapter 4 Spiritual Healing in Babylon

Part II From Babylonian Magic to Tarot

Chapter 5 Babylonian Magical Rituals and Tarot
Chapter 6 Destiny vs. Fate
Chapter 7 Signs and Incantations: Bridging Heaven and Earth
Chapter 8 Babylonian Practical Magic for a Tarot Reading
Chapter 9 Ancient Wisdom’s Revival:
from Babylon to Florence

Part III The Major Arcana

Part IV The Minor Arcana

Notes for Introduction, Part I and Part II
Notes for Part III and Part IV

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